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8 Easy Methods To Make Money Online as a Musician in 2021

make money online as a musician

Have you tried so many ways to make money online as a musician? this awesome and easy method am about to show you will blow your mind. The days of paying for recorded music without any profit are over. It will only take you just a couple of clicks or taps on the screen. Easy!

These methods are very simple to start making money online but only a few musicians know about it.

Here are 8 Easy Methods to Make Money Online as a Musician. They might not work for everyone but try them and you will be surprised. Being able to make it in music also means taking risks, yeah lots of risks. And they’re simple to try, so why not!

1. YouTube Music

YouTube is the most reliable music streaming service online. Beats iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal for hassle-free total streams.

If your uploaded song got views on YouTube, you should get paid. YouTube has a system called Content ID which finds exactly where your song is used on YouTube.

For example: If other creators on YouTube used your song on their video and you own the copyright, you can choose to monetize it by placing ads on the music video and that’s a fast way to make money online as a musician.

Click here for more information.

2. Build Superfans

musician super fans

The fastest way to grow as a musician is not money. It is building superfans.

Petting super fans are hard work. But in the end, it will pay off more. It means being human first and aspiring musician later.

Superfans truly love your music and support it in any way they can. Forever. So talk to them. Meet them in person. Find ways to respond to them when they contact you.

Possibly one of the best things about techniques promotion is the authentic fan/artist relationship. Build it!

3. Distribute & Publish Your Music Without A Label

publish song without record label

The blast in digital music distribution has made distribution available to all artists, not just those who have deals with labels. There’s no need to spend your entire promotion budget or split your royalties if you’re doing it yourself.

Distribute your music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and other platforms makes you available to your fans wherever they listen to music. Of course, the ranks won’t be huge right away but it gives you a way to continue promoting your music and growing your fanbase around the world.

Besides, playlists are the leading players in the age of digital music. Streaming platforms like SoundCloudaudiomack9javibeBoomplay help promote your song to music lovers to gain more fans.

Distributing your music in the right ways gives more guarantee that all your music promotion efforts aren’t lost when someone searches for your songs on their preferred platform.

Place your music in the right places. 

4. Share your music for free.

Share your music for free

Don’t just depend on selling your albums alone. Streaming has changed things when it comes to selling music online. People want music at their fingertips.

You can easily share your music across millions of listeners around the world for free with a platform like 9javibeSoundCloudaudiomackBoomplay all you need to do is to signup for an account then verify it if needed and from there you can start uploading your songs for free, but there’s a trick here, to make you music reach out to lots of listeners on those streaming platform you’ll need to learn a little bit about SEO.

This is why you see many artists giving away their albums online, but with a few extra extras.

Selling your album – or sharing it with the world – must be just as creative as the music itself. So get creative on how you get your album out.

5. Make Money Online to Play live Shows

Musician, Young vlogger, guitarist filming his vlog sitting on the sofa in the living room

Performing live shows on music streaming platforms like YouTube Live or is one of the best ways to make money online as a musician. And also one of the best ways to sell merch and make more money. With the restrictions against the COVID-19 pandemic, musicians are going back to playing live shows online and touring

You can make lots of money playing live shows. These include online music streaming platforms, traditional music venues, bars, restaurants, clubs, coffeehouses, house concerts, colleges and universities, music festivals, or private events like weddings, corporate events, and other private parties. 

6. Sell Your Music On Fiverr

Sell Your Music On Fiverr

Fiverr is another great platform to make money online as a musician.

It is an online community where people can sell their services for as little as 5 euros, including selling beats, songs, and other music-related services for different purposes.

There is a large community of people selling songs on  Fiverr. But it’s not that difficult to make yourself unique and stand out from the crowd.

TipSEO technics and Tracks that have gone through the burning software tend to stand out and sell fast.

7. Get Started with SOCAN

How to get started with SOCAN

Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada SOCAN was founded in 1990. Do you know that every time you hear music in an elevator, the artist who owns the song gets paid?

Na I’m not saying go out there and make elevator music. What you need to do is to get in touch with the organizations that take care of royalties for artists.

In the United States, it is ASCAP. COSON In Nigeria. SOCAN In Canada. And In Italy, it is the SIAE. But most of the major countries have services that deal with royalties for artists.

8. Music Synchronization

Music Synchronization

Music Synchronization or sound reinforcement licenses refer to music used in other media such as TV shows, movies, or commercials.

The voices are usually handled by music supervisors or agents. They use sound libraries to find music for their projects.

One of the best sites to get started with sync licensing is Versus Media. They connect artists with small television and film that need music for their projects. and the registration is completely free.

You can also try Pump Audio is a good site for soundtracks. Just send 2 songs to get the verified badge and then upload as much as you want to their library.

Conclusion on How to Make Money Online as a Musician

There are various ways you can make money online but we’ve curated the easiest one you can start right now and start making money online.

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